First Blog Post



My name is Isak Alexei. I’m from a small country named Moldova and we do have best Aikido a small country may have, thanks to my Sensei (I’ll come back bigger with that theme). Currently I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and trying to take all the chances on my way. Aikido is my interest and I’ll try to update the blog only with the best I see around and online. Let me welcome you with the main idea I decided this blog must have place..

Aikido has been created by O-Sensei for like a century ago. His students spread it all over the world and student of the students still do the same. All of them are trying to get as much as they can from the creator  by watching videos, reading stories, connecting to Morihei’s direct students and so on. This. And a little bit of themselves 🙂 Aikido is now custom like anything else in the world. Different styles, moves, thoughts and even official directions, isn’t that great?

All you can see today is a modification  of the Sensei from the past and present. There’s a lot to come with the future ones. Some of them you may not know about yet and some of them are soon to tell about themselves. And since Sensei is a most important figure in a world of Dojo and a best part of the whole Aikido story – I’m about to cover the uncoverable in my own way.


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