Nobuo Takase

Nobuo Takase Shihan was born on February 6, 1947 in Himeji, Japan. He began studying Aikido at Kogakkan University in Ise, Japan and was learning under O-Sensei himself, Kazuo Chiba, Mitsunari Kanai, Norihiko Ichihashi and Nobuyuki Watanabe.


1969 Sensei was invited to Auckland, New Zealand in order to introduce the art of aikido there. So the aikido in New Zealand was born and soon Nobuo Takase moved there for living, made a family with 3 children.

Sensei is holding a 7th Dan and a rank of the Shihan, is a Technical Director of Aikido in a New Zealand and is a Head Instructor of Aikido Shinryukan. Shinryukan School headquarters are in Auckland but the dojos are over the New Zealand, China, Australia, Scotland and Samoa. School is big and has more that 45 years of experience.

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Here’s Aikido Shinryukan facebook page if you want to learn more or get the latest news.

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