Donovan Waite

If you ever tried to find some good educational videos about ukemi there’s a good chance that you stopped looking right when Donovan Waite “Meeting the Mat” explanations were found. This is what happened to me. You may get no idea why it’s attractive but you will get the feeling that everything should work just like that because of the softness and smoothness of the moves.

Donovan Waite got his Shodan at the age of 14. Through years of practice, he had a chance to learn from a lot of foremost instructors and spent over ten years as Yamada Sensei‘s uchi-deshi. He’s doing aikido now for almost 50 years and is a 7th Dan Aikikai certified Shihan.

Donovan Waite is a great example of the Aikido for the big people. And it’s not only about big power, one should put this kind of power in a very special place. Just watch his ukes go flying.

Sensei is teaching in his Philadelphia Dojo and all around the world these days. Besides “Meeting the Mat” video set Donovan Waite Sensei prepared one more product to be used remotely: Aikido3D. The app is good but going to the Dojo is the only way to learn any martial art.

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