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Seiichi Sugano

Seiichi Sugano (17 December 1939 – 29 August 2010) was a Japanese Aikido instructor who held an 8 Dan in Aikikai. Learned from the O-Sensei directly.

Shihan born in Otaru, Hokkaido. As a teenager, he was training in Judo for six years and at the age of 18, he joined Aikido in the Hombu Dojo. in 1957 he enrolled as an uchi-deshi.

In 1965 Sugano Sensei was sent to Australia to introduce Aikido. He did that for 15 years and made Aikido quite popular in the country. The Aiki Kai Australia organization was founded by the Sensei during this time.

While Seiichi Sugano Sensei was doing his best in Australia, Tamura Sensei became so busy in Europe that he asked for help in Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands. Sugano Shihan spent the next 8 years teaching in Europe.

In 1988 Sensei went to New York, USA. This time he was instructing in the New York Aikikai along with the Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, the President of the US Aikido Federation.

Sugano Sensei remained under the Aikikai. He kept contact with Australia where he was giving seminars twice a year and was also a usual guest in Europe and Asia. He conducted the gradings in the number of countries around the world.

Shihan was known for possessing both speed and power. His teaching emphasized timing and distance, within a fundamental study of basic technique. For many people, all over the world, he was an embodiment of O-Sensei’s philosophy of love, kindness and compassion. Enjoy the interview with the Seiichi Sugano on the and

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