Hitohiro Saito

Hitohiro Saito was born on February 12, 1957, in Iwama City, Japan. He is an Aikido instructor and a founder of the Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai, a traditional Iwama style Aikido organization with about 60 Dojos around the world.

Mitsugi Saotome

Mitsugi Saotome Shihan is one of the few former OSensei’s uchi-deshi’s still alive. He saw with his eyes all those things we read about. Sensei fully devoted himself to the Aikido and Ueshiba’s and you will learn why inside.

Morihiro Saito

Morihiro Saito (March 31, 1928 – May 13, 2002) was born in the Ibaraki prefecture, Japan. He practiсed Aikido for 56 years and been one of the few 9 Dan-holders in the Aikikai.