Sensei Aikido website was made by me, Isac Alexei. I’m a dedicated Aikido practitioner from Chisinau, Moldova. My Aikido teacher is Igor Zaharevich Sensei. He managed to establish Aikikai in the country back in the days, gave me a chance to learn the art starting from 2013. My first Aikido book mention was also found because of him.

I wrote my first article in the February 2016. At that time, I was living in the Saint Petersburg, Russia and it was a whole new Aikido world for me again with all those teachers in a big city. My biggest personal impression came from the Ivan Novikov Sensei who I learned from at the time.

Reading everything on Aikido I could find is still what I do. Every Aikido teacher was examined in a way I saw it possible. I’ve been contacting various Sensei with the questions about their life to learn more and shared a gathered knowledge on the website. Same happened with Piotr Masztalerz Sensei and I ended up as an uchideshi in his Dojo at Wroclaw after that.

There are lot’s of very important articles on the website except for the ones mentioned above. Most of them have a story behind. Some are about the teachers I met, some made together with the Sensei and they all are a part of the way I’m proud of.

The site is not perfect of course and will never be but I’d love to keep things growing here and will continue doing my part for as long as I go. You can contribute as well if you want to make things wider. Feel free use the contact page for that.

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