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Joe Thambu

Joe Thambu was born on 24 March, 1961 in Seremban, Malaysia. Thamby Rajah, his uncle, was the first Malaysian to grade black belts in Aikido and Judo. At 11 years old he entered uncles dojo which was next door to Joes home and he was practicing almost every day. Internationally famous martial artists were frequent visitors to his uncle’s school like Kenji Shimizu, Donn F. Draeger, Junichiro Yagi and others. Continue reading “Joe Thambu”

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Aikido Warm Ups

There is a ton of the warm up exercises and variations of each one, just like the techniques and the entrances. Changing a speed of the same move can  make you feel different. No matter where you do aikido – a class is going to start from a warm up most of the times. Warm up exercises are usually the simple ones to do. They are about stretching, breathing, unlocking your joints and preparing your body for a harder work. You are trying to get a detailed feeling of these little parts of your body, preparing your mind also and concentrating on the present moment.  These simple moves will tell you how hard are you able to go this time. You must try to remember this every time you start a warm up. It’s not only a tradition.

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First Blog Post



My name is Isak Alexei. I’m from a small country named Moldova and we do have best Aikido a small country may have, thanks to my Sensei (I’ll come back bigger with that theme). Currently I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and trying to take all the chances on my way. Aikido is my interest and I’ll try to update the blog only with the best I see around and online. Let me welcome you with the main idea I decided this blog must have place..

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