nobuo takase doing shiho nage

Nobuo Takase

Nobuo Takase is a 7th Dan Aikikai Shihan and a Technical Director of Aikido in New Zealand. He is a head-instructor in Aikido Shinryukan with headquarters in Auckland.

Nobuo Takase Shihan was born on February 6, 1947, in Himeji, Japan. He began studying Aikido at Kogakkan University in Ise, Japan and was learning under O-Sensei himself, Kazuo ChibaMitsunari KanaiNorihiko Ichihashi and Nobuyuki Watanabe.

1969 Sensei was invited to Auckland, New Zealand in order to introduce the art of Aikido to the country. So the Aikido in New Zealand was born and soon Nobuo Takase moved there for living. He made a family with 3 children in and was working on the Aikido developement since.

Aikido Shinryukan has around 25 Dojos in New Zealand with over 600 adult practitioners now. The organization also reached China, Australia, Scotland, Samoa and some other countries.

50 years of Aikido Shinryukan was celebrated in March 2020 and it was a huge Aikido event. Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Ikuhiro Kubota, Sho Ozaki, Philip Lee, Toshiharu Sawada, Seizo Takimoto and other big Aikido teachers were in the list of invitees.

Nobuo Takase can be followed on Aikido Shinryukan facebook page, official website, Youtube channel and Instagram.

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