Sensei Aikido

Juba Nour and the Baja Aikido

Juba Nour learned the aikido under the Master Kazuo Chiba, 8th Dan Aikido Aikikai. Starting from 1983 for 4 years he has been an uchideshi, a mostly chosen uke for the demonstrations, a big part of a powerfull show made by Chiba Sensei.

He then moved to Tokyo, Japan and continued to study an art under the late Kisshomaru Ueshiba at Hombu. Juba Nour Sensei is currently holds a 6th Dan Aikido Aikikai, a status of Shihan and has over 20 years of aikido practice with the best possible senseis.

Aikido moved him around the world a lot. Not only as uke and student but as Sensei, running seminars, camps, opening schools. His first school was established in New Haven, Connecticut (Connecticut Aikikai). Then he established Aikido of Manhattan in 1995 and in 2009 Baja Aikido was created.

Baja Aikido is located in a small town named Todos Santos, Mexico. 75 miles to north from Cabo San Lucas and it’s an aikido dream, take a look:

“This charming little town is famous for being not only an artists’ colony, but also a surfing hotspot, and a great place for fishing. But there is more than water sports, like horseback riding, whale watching, mountain hiking, cooking seminars, West African drumming, photography club, poetry club…”

It’s not only about the aikido but yoga, zen-meditation, there’s a program for uchideshi and if you go deeper it’s a lifestyle, a healthy and natural way, with a unique beauty in it. It’s always summer out there and winter is just perfect for the physical activities. Take a look at the travel guide for the place.

If you like Juba Nour and find Baja Aikido as an interesting place for yourself – you can follow facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram accounts on the web and there’s enough content for you to want it all. Birankai is a school established by a Chiba Sensei and, since Juba Nour is a part of it, you can find videos with him on the BiranOnline youtube channel along with the videos of other well known masters.