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Gozo Shioda

Gozo Shioda (September 9, 1915 – July 17, 1994) one of the most senior students of the Aikido founder and a creator of the Yoshinkan Aikido style.

Gozo Shioda was born in Shinjuku, Tokyo. His father, Seiichi Shioda taught Judo and Kendo and Gozo was happy to learn from him. He attained 3 Dan in Judo while he was still at school.

In 1932 Sensei began training in the Kobukan as an uchi-deshi. He was learning for 8 years under the Morihei Ueshiba. During those years he also attended the Judo classes with master Masahiko Kimura and Kyokushin Karate with the founder Mas Oyama in the Takushoku University.

In 1941 Shioda Sensei was posted to administrative positions in China and Taiwan for the WW2. He returned to Japan after the war but was forced to get a job.

Only In 1954 Sensei performed his first Aikido demonstration in front of the 15000 people. He was awarded the grand prize for the best demonstration and in the next year, his Dojo was created.

Dojo saw famous people like Robert F. Kennedy, Mike Tyson, etc. By the way, Yoshinkan was the name of his father’s original Dojo.

In 1961 Gozo Shioda was promoted by the Morihei Ueshiba to a 9 Dan. His contribution to the Japanese Martial Art was acknowledged with the 10th Dan from the Kokusai Budoin International Martial Arts Federation in 1984 along with the Meijin title or the Grand Master. 

Yoshinkan Aikido has expanded within the Japan, Americas, Australia in the face of Joe Thambu, some Asian and my other countries. It’s considered to be the second-largest Aikido style after the Aikikai.

Enjoy an interview with the Gozo Shioda on aikido-maastricht.nl and if you want even more – books from a Master are still on the market.

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