Ryuji Shirakawa

Ryuji Shirakawa was born on 4th September 1980 and started aikido at 15 years. He lived in Kobayashi’s Dojo as an uchi-deshi, traveled to Germany to learn under Katsuaki Asai Sensei, lived in Calgary Aikikai in Canada. But let’s make it fare right from the start…


Katsutoshi Shirakawa is a 7th Dan Aikido Aikikai Shihan. He is the one to inspire, teach and influence Ryuji right from the beginning until the very moment. Ryuji is performing ukemi for his father when it comes to Jo-Nage on a video above.

Ryuji is now holding a 6th Dan Aikido Aikikai and a status of Shihan. He is a Dojo-cho (head) and an instructor of Aikido Shinbu Rensei Jyuku with over 400 students in Sendai, Japan.

Ryuji Shirakawa is known for his flowing, dynamic, innovative and clean aikido style. This is why he is giving a lot of seminars around the world. Russia, France, Greece, Canada, Hungary are regular countries he goes to. The more you watch him the more you like what he does.

Be sure to follow the Shinburenseijyuku Youtube channel with a lot of good aikido and a Shirakawa Ryuji Sensei Fan Site facebook page which is updated regularly.

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