Hiroshi Tada

Hiroshi Tada was born on December 13th, 1929 and is the only living 9th Dan Aikido Aikikai holder. He entered Hombu Dojo in 1950 and doing aikido now for 67 years! He was just always there, he knows them all, and seen it all happened and changed with his own eyes.

In 1964 he was sent by Morihei Ueshiba to Rome, Italy where he established Italian Dojo Centrale. Aikido school in Italy is just huge these days and you now have a guess who is the father of the Italian Aikido.

Sensei has an innumerous count of seminars, aikido trips, student, awards. He dedicated his whole life to aikido and Ueshiba’s. Watch any video with him and you will see that he is fully there, giving everything he has inside, putting every piece of power he has without any fear to fail.

The next video was made at All Japan Aikido Demonstration 2019. The 89-year-old man is performing aikido with everything he has. Just like he did it through the years. 89! Inspiring, amazing and incomparable!

Enjoy a video-interview with the Sensei made by the Guillaume Erard.

By the way, before going to Europe Hiroshi Tada studied breathing exercises, Yoga and Misogi with Tempu Nakamura who was a Japanese martial artist and a founder of Shinshin-Toitsu-Do. Soon after Sensei developed his own breathing and meditation system named Ki no Renma. His student, Ikuhiro Kubota, will tell you more about that method…

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