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Seishiro Endo

Seishiro Endo was born on September 6, 1942, in the Saku city, Nagano prefecture. He is an 8 Dan Aikido Aikikai Shihan now and one of those who learned from the O-Sensei directly.

In 1963 Seishiro Endo joined the Gakushuin University where he attended his first Aikido class. Hiroshi Tada was teaching and later he was changed by Mitsunari Kanai and Yasuo Kobayashi.

In 1964 Seishiro entered a Hombu Dojo as an uchi-deshi. These were the very late years of the O-Sensei but he was still there. Seishiro also had a chance to meet the best possible teachers like Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Koichi Tohei, Seigo Yamaguchi and Kisaburo Osawa. All of those influenced young Seishiro much.

When Endo was 30 years old he dislocated his shoulder and this changed a lot. Shihan became much softer and deeply interested in the mind and body feelings. He talks about the ki, calmness and represents his ways with his moves.

I began to ceaselessly examine and confirm my state of mind: myself when it went well, myself when it went poorly, myself when I was trying to defeat my partner, myself when I was feeling fear, myself when I was feeling insecure, etc. From these confirmations, I learned the importance of ceaselessly keeping my mind calm.

In 1993 Seishiro Endo created the Aikido Saku Dojo in his hometown. Take a 360* Panorama tour to his Dojo. In 2018 Aikido Saku had a celebration of the 25th Anniversary.

Endo Shihan is an author of the few Aikido educational DVDs and books. You still have plenty of chances to meet him outside of Japan. He’s running the world with the seminars and a schedule can be found on the official website. You can also read a saved copy of his 1996 interview for the AikidoJournal, and the 2000 version for the Aikido Malaysia.

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