Hitohiro Saito

Hitohiro Saito was born on February 12, 1957, in Iwama City, Japan. He is an Aikido instructor and a founder of the Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai, a traditional Iwama style Aikido organization with about 60 Dojos around the world.

At 7 Hitohiro started learning Aikido with the founder, Morihei Ueshiba, who spent a good part of his life in Iwama and young Saito was near up to the very moment in 1969. He continued training in Aikido with his father, Morihiro Saito Shihan who was truly dedicated to an old-style Aikido taught by the founder.  

As the only son, he continued a legacy after the death of a Shihan in 2002. In 2003 differences with Aikikai arose and Hitohiro Saito created his own organization Iwama Shin-Shin Aiki Shuren-kai. He was and still is teaching traditions he learned directly from O-Sensei and his father. In parallel, he practices Shurikenjutsu, that his father had mastered, and ChinKon meditation in the manner of the founder.

Hitohiro Saito is not only a divine teacher but also a gifted sculptor, painter, calligraphist and Japanese chef. He even founded his own restaurant in the Iwama but chosen to retire in favor of the Aikido way. Hitohira is a head of a Tarenkan Dojo where students come from different parts of the world for the Iwama Ruy Aikido. Dojo has an uchi-deshi system, check it out! Besides the Tarenkan Dojo Sensei is teaching at the international seminars in several countries.

Enjoy an interview with the Hitohiro Saito Sensei on the aikidobythebay.com, the interview made by seido and follow Sensei on the facebook.

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