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Moriteru Ueshiba

Moriteru Ueshiba is a third Aikido Doshu, a tradition keeper. He is a grandson of the Morihei Ueshiba and a son of the second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

Moriteru Ueshiba was born on April 2, 1951. He took his first Aikido class just when he entered the first grade. He wasn’t forced to by the elders but did that when he wanted to only since. Only during a high school, he started serious training. His goal was, of course, to become an Aikido successor of his father and to continue moving through the grandfather’s way.

In 1976, Moriteru graduated from Meiji Gakuin University with a degree in economics. In 1996 he has become a Dojocho, the Hombu Dojo owner and after the death of his father in 1999 was assumed the title of the Doshu.

Doshu does 6:30 morning classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for many years. He also does a late class on Friday and one more on Sunday. It can be easily said that he has the highest demand possible as an international Aikido instructor. Doshu’s events are very much respected by the practitioners and stages are full anywhere, without exclusions.

Aikido will be disseminated into society by itself if people understand that Aikido, being a martial art, is a wonderful physical and mental activity. In addition to developing the physical techniques, we also pursue similar aims on the mental side in the daily practice of Aikido. The Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba (O-Sensei) emphasized that through daily practice, we should learn to understand and appreciate the position and thoughts of others to enable the establishment of a peaceful and friendly community. Aikido is a way of harmony. Eventually this philosophy will lead us to become well-balanced individuals of sincerity and devotion.

On Transmitting the Essence of Aikido by Aikido Journal

Moriteru Ueshiba is also an author of the Aikido books as his father was. Following the Iemoto system, he is expected to be succeeded as by his son Mitsuteru Ueshiba. Here’s an interview from the times he was a Waka Sensei and 2002 interview made by Stanley Pranin will give you a better feel on the details of his life.

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