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Hiroshi Ikeda

Hiroshi Ikeda holds a 7 Dan in Aikikai and is a Shihan based in the USA. He learned from the Misogi Saotome and is a founder of the Boulder Aikikai Dojo.

Hiroshi Ikeda was born on January 8, 1950, in Tokyo, Japan. He joined the Kokugakuin University and the Aikido club where Mitsugi Saotome Shihan was a chief instructor. After the graduation, he trained regularly in Hombu Dojo and in Saotomes Reimeijuku Dojo in Tokyo.

In 1976 Hiroshi followed Saotome Sensei in the USA, Florida and been teaching Aikido in the Sarasota until he established Boulder Aikikai in Boulder city, of course. You can see a schedule with the classes on a site if you are curious like me.

What Ikeda Sensei did for me personally are the Aikido movies.

His videos were released on DVDs and do contain a strong Aikikai base. Time passed but the videos still have much to learn from. Videos contain a lot of the exercises that can be new for you, a high count of the entrances and techniques you are not doing every day.

So much Koshi Nages in the next video. With Tanto, Jo, Bokken, barehanded. You better watch.

These days Hiroshi Ikeda is a 7th Dan Aikido Aikikai Shihan and continues to work for Aikido’s development.

Sensei runs seminars all over the USA regularly and all over the world including Japan, his home country. He went really deep with the techniques and I heard that sometimes practitioners must have advanced Aikido skills to be able to understand.

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