koichi kashiwaya with a sword

Koichi Kashiwaya

Koichi Kashiwaya is a Koichi Tohei’s disciple, 8th Dan in Shinshin Toitsu Aikido and an Okuden in Ki Training. He was appointed as a Chief Instructor for the Ki Society USA by Tohei Sensei himself.

You do get the point that Sensei is not Aikikai and if you are able to recognize Tohei’s style – go ahead and recognize it! With all those jumps and breathing.

Koichi Kashiwaya knows a lot of the tricks and here’s one of them.

So the paper doesn’t tear while the bamboo breaks after a hit. Beautiful trick! Besides Aikido Sensei trains in the Tameshigiri so I guess a trick is not something you’ll be able to do as easy as you see it.

By the way, I see him as a very interesting person for the Aikido community. He has no rules, no teacher and nobody tells him what to do, he’s on his own to create the way.

And take a look at a seminar he was leading in Colorado. Enjoy or make fun of it! It’s up to you.

Koichi Kashiwaya’s Facebook page will make you feel closer to him as you follow it and a beautiful Youtube channel!

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