Masatake Fujita

Masatake Fujita (April 21, 1937 – May 28, 2014) – 8 Dan Aikido Aikikai. Was born in a town with the name Changchun, China. At that time territory was controlled by Japan and named Manchuria. His father was deeply in Budo and because of that Masatakeโ€™s interest was low until he personally met a founder during the student years.

He was fortunate to be a part of a great company. Hiroshi Tada, Yasuo Kobayashi, and Sadateru Arikawa were learning at Hombu Dojo when Masatake Fujita joined. He described his relationship with the Morihei Ueshiba as grandson-grandfather rather than a student-teacher.

Masatake Fujita Sensei has been working in the office of the Aikikai since he was a 5th Dan. He had the role of a secretary and also stayed very close with the Oโ€™Sensei until the passing of the last one.


Late years Sensei spent spreading the Aikido around the globe. He was teaching and creating teachers mostly in Eastern Europe. I will not forget to mention Igor Zakharevitch, my teacher, who was learning from Fujita Sensei. His article on a site contains more details about the Fujita-San. The next video was also made by Igor back in the days.

There’s a Masatake Fujita’s facebook page made by those who keep him in memory. Oh, and you should definitely read an interview with the Fujita Sensei on Aikido Sangenkai blog.

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