Yasunari Kitaura

Not much of the people, who had a chance to learn under O-Sensei himself, are still with us these days. They are in demand even much more then it’s physically possible to a young man, not an old one which they are. Yasunari Kitaura  is one of this small count and he still there to teach what he learned through his life.

Was born on may 25, 1937. Learned aikido under the founder of aikido Morihei Ueshiba and his son Kisshomaru Ueshiba. Since 1967  is an official representative Aikido Aikikai in Spain where he lives constantly.  He’s holding an 8th dan.

Usually Sensei makes basic techiques and he likes them fast and wide. Sounds simple but I guess this is a hardest combination if you expect to make it precise after all.

Watch his ukes run on him from a distance. His magic is in those harmonic entrances.

Kitaura Sensei is still traveling with his seminars despite his 80 year anniversary comming in 2017 so there a good chance to catch him especially somewhere in Spain. Here’s Facebook FanPage and Group where you may find latest news + Youtube Channel with a lot of videos and it’s updating regularly.

By the way, have you ever heard of Shu Kitaura? I can see a lot of common in those moves. 6th dan Aikido Aikikai for your consideration.

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