Koichi Kashiwaya and a bokken-bamboo trick

A trick and a little presentation of how American Ki-Society aikido looks like and goes so far with Kashiwaya Sensei.

Here’s a trick:

So the paper doesn’t tear while the bamboo breaks after a hit, just a trick… People like it! Besides Aikido he’s training with weapons, so I guess the trick is not something you can do from a first attemp.

Koichi Kashiwaya is a Koichi Toheis student, 8th dan in Shinshin Toitsu Aikido, an Okuden in Ki Training and has been appointed as Chief Instructor for Ki Society USA by Tohei Sensei himself.

You do get the point that he’s not Aikikai and if you do aikido and able to recognize Toheis style – go ahead an reconize it, it’s alive! With all those Toheis jumps and whole body moves.

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