Vassilis Nykteris

Vassilis Nykteris holds a 5th dan that is based in Greece. He’s running a biggest dojo there and is representing Aikido Aikikai of the country. He also founded Aikido Academy of Athens and Aikido Academy of Cyprus.


He started aikido in 2000 when he was 25. After 3 years of practice he received his first dan. During these years he attended seminars of Pascal Guillemin and Christian Tissier in France. He was so inspired by Tissier that after a while even moved to Paris to be able to train in Christians groups for 3 years where he got his Nidan.  Taking some ukemis from his teacher on a video.

During his career he attended seminars of Masatoshi Yasuno, Frank Noel, Seishiro Endo, was hosted by Yoko Okamoto for some weeks in Japan, Kyoto.

Aikido Academy is being updated regularly and is a facebook page that will make you feel closer to Vassilis Nykteris.

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