Yukimitsu Kobayashi

Yukimitsu Kobayashi was born on 15 April 1960. In the elementary and middle school he attended Judo for six years, also trained baseball which was and is highly popular in Japan. At 18 years old Yukimitsu attended University where he studied Law and Jurisprudence. This is where he met his first Aikido teacher in the face of the Masando Sasaki who was a direct disciple of the O’Sensei and Tamura Sensei.


Take a link on the Masando Sasaki’s three part interview on the Sangenkai Aikido blog.

Kobayashi enjoyed Aikido much more then the University itself and after the graduation in 1982 he went straight to Hombu Dojo where he continued to study his favourite way.

He became a professional Aikido teacher and is a Hombu Dojo Shihan for many years now. In 2008 he received 7th Aikido Aikikai Dan. Except for the Japan Yukimitsu Kobayashi teaches around the world frequently. Netherlands, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Grecce, Slovenia, France etc. He comes to Romania at least 2 times per year now and gathers all the aikidokas around. Seminars are full and extra-full like in the case of Musubi Dojo Cluj seminars. You are able to catch my teacher, Igor Zaharevitch, in the video below. Igor has a dedicated post on the blog, join.

Yukimitsu Kobayashi is a bright example of the Aikikai school of Aikido these days. He usually makes basic techniques, however, he makes it clean and precise. There’s lot to learn from him and more to follow.

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