Tsuruzo Miyamoto

Miyamoto Tsuruzo was born on March 30, 1953 in the island of Kyushu, Japan. A the age of 18 he entered the University of Fukuoka where he started doing Aikido under the Morito Suganuma Sensei who was already an important instructor in the Aikikai.


After graduating from the university Miyamoto had to make choice of his life: get a job or pass on with the Aikido. This was a time when he joined his first Aikido seminar and seen Kisshomaru Ueshiba performing. He was so inspired that he asked Suganuma Sensei for permission to apply as uchi-deshi at Hombu Dojo, where he was accepted in April 1975 by the second Doshu. Tsuruzo learned from Kisshomaru and many others grands of that Aikido period. You can find him serving as an uke for the best of the best, like Doshu or Yamaguchi Sensei.

He used his experience successfully to be able to teach abroad and is giving seminars on a regular basis in different countries like USA, Israel, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, France.

Henko Waza and great timing are Miyamoto’s jams. Henko Waza is when one technique blends to another. Next video was made in Wroclaw, Poland. Uke is Piotr Mastzalerz.

He is very welcome in Russia and not only Moscow and Novosibirsk. During the World Combat games 2013 Shihan served as one of the technical advisors for the Aikido department.

Miyamoto is an Aikikai Shihan,  IAFs Technical Counsil and is one of the most respected Aikido instructors in the world at the moment. During the Kagamibiraki 2016 he was awarded with an 8th Dan by the third Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba along with the Jiro Kimura and Christian Tissier.


Here’s a Miyamoto Tsuruzo Shihan facebook page for you to follow.

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